In July 2019, Brad was diagnosed with Stage III Thymoma Cancer. At that point, due to the necessary treatment, Compton Combat Arms had to temporarily cease teaching. Since then Brad has gone through 272 hours of chemotherapy and an extensive surgery. He is now cancer free and on the road to recovery.  If you have contacted us regarding classes and haven't gotten a response, now you know why. We are slowly going through those emails and phone calls and will respond to you in due time. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

As we continue to heal as a family, we are taking the time to restructure some of the inner workings of CCA. What this means to you is that beginning in the Spring-Summer time frame, we will resume teaching with a renewed vigor and a much more streamlined process. This will make it easier on us, our clients and will result in even more productive training for YOU. 

So keep updated with us on social media, that's where you'll find the most up to the minute information pertaining to when we resume.  


About Us


US Navy Veterans with backgrounds in Security and Intelligence. We love our God, our Country and our family. We are NRA Life Members and actively advocate for your 2nd Amendment rights.

Experienced Certified Instructors

NRA Certified Instructors

Our Instructors are NRA Certified to teach  instructor and student level firearm courses in Shotgun, Pistol,  Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home (PPITH/PPOTH), Chief Range Safety Officer and Range Safety Officer.

Offering Exclusive Training For Women

Firearm training for women

Our lead Instructor is a NRA Certified Instructor for The Well Armed Woman. Dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering women. Our classes are co-ed however all of them can be taught exclusively FOR women, BY women.

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